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As an artist and problem solver I believe you take your creative thinking with you wherever you go.  I am always looking for new creative challenges and for positions that allow me to connect with artistic expression and art community outreach. 

This site is both an artist notebook and an archive of creative investigations. My daily challenge is to take at least one photo every day – but once I meet this goal I often take more.  I embrace the camera I often have with me, frequently using my iPhone as my everyday journal tool.  I have undertaken this practice since 2015 when I came out of what I call my art hibernation.  This practice has helped me reconnect with my love for making images and capturing small moments. To learn more about me and my work visit
and then explore my
I also work as a residency teaching artist - Please contact me for workshop topics and examples of student work.

I am trained as a photographer, and this is my first medium of expression. Sometime my images become building blocks that I combine in digital and traditional collage work. I think of these images as encapsulated moments that I combine into a new layered visual moment.   

I've always wanted to paint with an impressionist skill, using what I call buttery strokes and vivid and enhanced colors. From time to time my images inspire me to paint, mapping and exploring the lines and shapes of my images in color and texture.  I am still working on my skills with creating the buttery strokes.

Feel free to contact me if you have questions about my work, teaching on design consultation.

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  some of my current favs
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